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Baseball Caps

Product Description

    Carole Amper, Ergee and Maximo Baseball caps are better priced European brands of hats (and socks). These two companies manufacture very similar hats, great for newborn to teens.
    They are reknown for their exquisite details, beautiful embroideries, superlative fabrics and up-to-the-minute fashion, all designed to take children from cradle to kindergarten in timeless fashion.
    When it comes to matching hats and Baseball Caps, usually for babies up to 18 months most people like light colors; a pink hat to a pink Jacket, and a light blue hat to a blue coat. It is very important to focus on ear flaps when you shop for your toddlers or any older age child. Some buyer prefer dark colors like green, brown, navy and burgundy as long as it's warm and blends in to the colors of the coat. Seasonal outerwear you need to buy large enough to leave room for growth spurts, to have use of it at least for two seasons, not over sized but not too fitted. It is always a great idea to buy the jacket first and then the hat, so that it's easier to match

Product Features

  • We have adorable cute trendy summer hats and baseball caps well priced too.
  • These hats are great for infants, toddlers and bigger kids as well
  • We offer a variety of baseball caps styles and colors
  • Caps with bigger visors are great to wear in on those hot sunny days to protect your child from getting a sunburn
  • Most caps are 6 panel.
  • Our newborn baby caps are made of supima cotton to add extra comfort to your little ones face

Kid's Red Baseball Cap
Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $13.99

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Baseball caps