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Darning Socks

Darning Socks

Mending your old torn socks is not that easy, it's quite difficult, especially if you want them to remain comfortable.

Today mending socks is not so common, people don't really do it. In our throw-away and buy-new society,
few take the time to repair old clothing.

Read through this valuable page and add anything else that you think of on how to create a suitable darning machine stitch, or other darning tips,
at the bottom of the page.

When socks or tights tear and need repair, it is still cheaper than buying new ones.

Imagine creating a darning stitch for a machine; it would be concerned with a curved surface area; that is the established way of darning. That is:
you do vertical and horizontal running stitches so that the
hole is closed in a suitable way and thus repaired. Darning by hand is done through running stitches with your fabric yarn.

Do you close the hole?

'Close' is not the word for darning. Because it may imply that you close the hole
by pulling the side fabrics over the hole.

Is darning a patch?

Yes. Darning is in some way aiming to close or repair the hole through a patch but it does better than that! It repairs the garment through creating a fabric weave with suitable stitching like running stitches.

Do I need a special needle for darning cloths?

Yes, you need the right needle; a special darning needle, and the right yarn or fabric to repair the hole.

When darning socks, always make sure not to sew too tight, you want to give the adequate space so that the tear or hole don't happen again; this is the aim of darning.

The darning stitch, you could say, is like a buttonhole stitch. Like the way the buttonhole stitch removes fabric, darning creates fabric.

An important point to remember when darning garments is to strengthen the area around the hole by surrounding the weakened area to limit its expansion with suitable stitching.

I personally have 3 boys wearing and tearing clothing. Clothing and socks today cost a fortune and sometimes, they can tear. Whenever I do laundry I make sure not to put the torn ones back into the drawers.

Today, I am reviving the lost art of darning. My sons beautiful pants is going to get a new life... at least a new knee! I was thinking it can't be too complicated; my grandmother and great-grandmother darned socks by the dozen. They used to darn them with a large wooden spoon tucked into the sock, so I would also try it. It may not be pretty; but it's much less noticeable than a hole.

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Darning Socks