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Growing Healthy

  • A bright future starts with a healthy childhood. And that's why we designed this
    Growing-up-healthy page to help you with some
    tips and ideas to maintain your child's health, development, and milstones.

  • Growing-up-healthy and strong is a personalized easy to read page
    filled with helpful hints for parents just like you.

  • At first, an easy way of keeping track of your childs health is to have all information
    written down in an easy to use child guide and record book. Ask your child's doctor where you can get it.

  • In that little personal guide, you will fill out the parts that has to be filled out by parents, some sections
    should be completed withe help of your childs doctor.
    It is always good to bring it along to the doctors office at every well visit, for you and your child's doctor to update.

  • The information recorded in this book may be needed when your child grows up and starts school, goes to camp, attends college,
    or even medical school! When completed this book will be a
    wonderful medical reference and keepsake of your child's health and development.

  • Birth Records

    • date of birth, place,
    • child's height and weight,
    • hair color,
    • blood type,
    • delivered by,
    • vaccinations given at birth,
    • complications

  • Checkups are an important part of your child's first year. Your child's doctor will reccomend several visits during you child's first year of life.
    Talk to your child's doctor about scheduling the visits that is right for you and your child.

  • During these visits your child's doctor will weigh and measure your child. In addition,
    your childs doctor will closely follow your baby's physical development(which includes checking your child's strength, coordination, vision, hearing, and eating and sleeping habits.)
    As well as overall social behavior. Bring your little record book along to the visit for you and your child's doctor to update.

  • Remember: Raising a strong, healthy baby takes teamwork between you and your doctor!

    Charting your childs wellness visits

    date age height weight head circumference
    first visit
    second visit
    third visit
    fouth visit
    fifth visit

    We reccomend that you print out a chart from the link below.

    link to a sample chart

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    Growing Healthy