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Laundry Tips

How to do Laundry

Your clothing will last a long time if taken care of efficiently.

Here are some great laundry cleaning tips and suggestions to help you with laundry organization:

  • Always check on the laundry tags before washing.
  • Separate colors! Don't put black stockings in the washer with beige socks, you won't like the results.
  • Delicate things like baby booties which are washable, should be washed in a delicate cycle if you can.
  • Never put hosiery like socks and tights in dryer especially not nylon, always lie flat to dry.
  • When you put stockings in the washer always
    make sure to put it in a hosiery bag or pillow case so they dont get caught onto zippers of other cloths in the wash load.
  • Velours and terry fabrics are usually better when put into the dryer for that extra fluff,
    but make sure to check the tags before if garment can be put into dryer.

Laundry organization takes a lot of effort. Laundry is not so easy to manage if you don't do it the right way.

How to Keep Socks from Disappearing

Are you continuously busy finding socks without its' pair, or tops without bottoms or garments
somehow lost in the far corner of a laundry room closet. Staying on top of all this chaos requires a system.


  • step 1

Before doing laundry organization , sort them in piles.
Go through all the clothes and divide them like this: underwear, dark clothes, shirts& stretchies. Do this every time you do laundry.

  • step 2

The laundry that needs to be soaked due to bad stains, put in a seperate place, and start the presoak.

  • step 3

Wash all the loads one after the other hanging up cloths that need to be hung up. Put the rest, into the dryer.

  • step 4

As soon as you get the socks out of the dryer,
match up the pairs immediately, so they don't disappear.
  • step 5

Be aware: some clothes may shrink in the dryer,
especially on high heat settings. Always check labels for drying instructions before putting cloths in the dryer.

Enjoy laundry day, it is not a "dismissal", it's the way you work it out; if you are organized then you like it.

Even if you make mistakes, it can happen. We're all human, we learn from our mistakes.

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Laundry Tips