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Shopping For Socks

Shopping For Socks

    Tips for Sock Choice

    Important tips on Shopping for Socks

  • When shopping for socks and tights, match your childs outfit, not the shoe
  • Aim high in sock length
  • Blend it in - complement your other accessories like your tie or pants
  • “For example: A pair of purple striped socks can go well with a pair of gray pants; a subtle orange-and-brown check can look good with khakis.”
  • Droopy socks are a no-no
  • Know when to be casual. Jeans let you go wild.
  • Animal prints are great as icebreakers, but let them be the only bold part of your wardrobe
  • Colors matching to outfits depend on age too, babies look better in soft colors like pink and blue

  • “It completes the silhouette from head to toe,” . “It all flows. You really are painting a picture with every article of clothing.”

    When it comes to coulered socks and tights, it's your choice what to wear. From black to classy navy, from chocolate brown to mint green, socks and tights come in dozens of colors. This year, the trend is to buy virtually every color available.

    However, you can get even more complex. So, if you don’t want to be confused, just stick with the simple rule. When in doubt just stick to basic prints and colors. If you want to know more, keep reading. The basic rule covers off “colour,” but it doesn’t focus on all the elements.

    The elements you need to consider are:

    color weight length shoe

    Most of the time, heavy/thick socks are not appropriate. When would you expect to wear them? when playing sports, or in heavy shoes such as hiking boots.

    When in business shoes of any sort, you want a more formal sock in something like silk or thinner cotton.

    Ok, I know it feels weird, but you really do need to wear longer socks when you’re in business pants. Yes, yank ‘em up too. No bunching at the ankles. At all other times, in casual socks, wear crew or ankle socks.

    Ankle socks are perfect for running shoes and anytime shorts are worn - this way, you don’t have a giant sock pulled up your leg visible for all to see.

    Most business shoes are black or brown, so stick with those colours for socks, but a grey is also acceptable. Some people like neutral/nude socks - I think they are out of fashion and rather ugly.

    Men’s socks are often a forgotten piece of clothing — until they get noticed.

    Should you wear socks with patterns? In most cases, no. You can get away with subtle patterns, such as stripes or diamonds, but always in the same colour/shade.


    When blue is the color you need to match to, know that there are millions of blues out there. The same is with pink, greens, and reds.

    The color doesn't have to be exact the same as the outfit it is fine if it blends in.

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Shopping For Socks