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Teething issues

When does the process of teething begin, and
when does your baby need a teething pacifier?

Actually there is no set pattern when a baby will begin teething, how long it will take, and how painful
it will be. For some babies cutting a tooth might happen overnight without pain, while another baby might
have to go through a long, drawn out and painful experience.

Razberry pacifier
Usually from three months of age a baby that is teething will gnaw and gum down on anything she or he
can get their mouth on. So the counter pressure from
biting on the soothie pacifier helps relieve the pressure from under the gums.

The teething process will come and go just like any other thing with new babies. Keep trying
different pacifiers like a silicone teething pacifier, latex pacifier, nuk, and mam until you find what
provides the best relief for your baby.

  • Stimulating multi textured can be frozen for extra soothing comfort
  • First hands-free all silicone teething pacifiers
  • Bumpy texture soothes baby’s gums
  • Cleaner and healthier for your baby
  • Non-toxic and 100% medical grade silicone

Besides teething pacifiers
teething; some work and some don't, but it is worth a try.

  • Teething Rings
  • Any Rubber teething toys
  • Mom and Dads fingers provide counter pressure and bring relief
  • A cold bottle to drink and suck
  • cold food like apple sauce, yogurt, and jar food
  • Infant Tylenol, before you give it ask your doctor to check if it's all right and the amount you need to give
  • Some say Orajel works great, also check with your doctor first

  • Please Note:

    Before trying any of the suggestions listed above or any other type of remedy it is highly recommended
    that you contact your pediatrician first, allow your doctor to advise you first, before trying anything
    mentioned on this site.

    A very important tip: Keep all your pacifiers sterile to prevent any germs that could harm baby.

    Thanks for stopping by! We hope that you found the information you wanted.
    Our hope is that we have a small part in making your baby a happy baby, because all babies should be Happy Babies

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    Teething issues