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Weaning Pacifiers From Babies

Weaning from pacifier is not easy, yet very important

  • Some people feel that a child who is dependent on a pacifier may ruin their teeth and look at it negatively
  • Research has shown that teething pacifiers in fact strengthens the child's jaw muscles and vocal chords and helps in the development of the overall vocal abilities
  • This page will give you helpful tips on how weaning from pacifier could be done properly
  • Although babies are born with a strong sucking need, some infants still like a pacifier for comfort or to induce sleep
  • For a child that likes a binki (as it has been commonly called) during meals, play and other times, it is a great idea and helpful to try to wean the pacifier at the age of 6 months
  • The first step in weaning from pacifier is to stop giving it during playtime and instead try to surround baby with other favorite items like toys, rattles etc.
  • At the age of 7-9 months old the infant crawls around the house happily and a pacifier is not in desperate need then
  • The child will not think of sucking only on a pacifier, a teether toy would do the same, so try to keep the pacifiers out of sight

  • Once your child gets used to the fact of playing without sucking a pacifier try to stop giving it to him during car rides too.
    It won't be easy for you watching the tears rolling down your baby's cheeks, but it will go by,
    so don't give in. Your child will get used to falling asleep from the comforting sound of the motor and smooth ride of the car
  • At the age of 10-12 months after the baby is used to being without a pacifier while playing, or outside the house,
    or most of the time during the day, you can start weaning from pacifier naptime. You will want to rely on mobiles a little more, just to help them be soothed without a pacifier.
    Believe me, your child might not make a fuss at all, if he or she does throw a tantrum then try music, stuffed animals to play with, keep on trying.
  • At the age of two your child should only be using it at bedtime, not during the day. When you see your child using it less or spitting it out earlier you can consider stopping it altogether.
    It may be a good idea to have a little pacifier-good-bye party that your child can understand that you feel along with him/her regarding eliminating this soothie pacifier, i.e.
    have the child throw it out him/herself, "I am a big kid, not a baby anymore". Depending on the childs language, but the act will definitely do more than the words.


  • 1-

    It is not the end of the world if your child cannot wean from a pacifier at the age of 2-3 years, it's a long process of understanding, and every child is different
  • 2-

    Never listen to other people if they tell you to wean the pacifier, or if they tell you anything about this matter, you know your child best and do what is right for you. Ignore what others think and say about weaning from pacifiers,
    if you don't see what is so bad about child's reliance on a pacifier, it isn't! Just work at your pace.

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Weaning pacifiers from babies